Graph Training Needs Analysis

Learning needs analysis: evaluation

Graph Training Needs Analysis

The Analysis of Museum Training Needs – Learning and Community Engagement was commissioned by Renaissance South East to inform the development of an integrated training plan.

The training needs analysis comprised of two stages. Firstly, background research was conducted by undertaking an audit and assessment of current training provision and the second stage was a survey of museum staff engaged in museum learning and community engagement roles and/or with responsibility for learning.

An e-survey was developed and circulated to a cross-section of museums in the south east targeting museums of different size and type. Interviews were undertaken with key learning staff from the south east hub museums and with the south east museum development officers.

The e-survey was designed to build up a coherent picture of need within the region and was also used as a basis for the telephone interviews.  The survey included questions to identify training needs across audiences, themes and agendas (both new and refresher) as well as the location and type of training required.


One thought on “Learning needs analysis: evaluation

  1. Sharon Bristow

    Sonia Rasbery’s approach to the training needs analysis was conscientious and thorough and drew on her extensive knowledge and understanding of the museum sector and museum learning in particular. Although the research, and resulting report, needed to be undertaken in a very short timescale it was both comprehensive and insightful providing very useful data which was invaluable in informing the development of the training plan. Evalaution from the resulting training sessions demonstrated that the resulting plan closely matched the needs of attendees.

    Sharon Bristow, Former Learning Manager, Renaissance South East


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