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SeaCity Museum: exhibition researcher, Titanic: the Legend


SeaCity Book wallSouthampton’s SeaCity Museum explores the lives of the people of the city and their relationship with the sea. Titanic: the Legend was the first special exhibition at the museum looking at the public’s continued  fascination with the Titanic

The temporary exhibition explores this relationship through:

  • the literature, films and merchandise that were and continue to be produced
  • the myths and legends that surround the building and sinking of the Titanic
  • the salvage of the site
  • and the societies, clubs, events and activities that continue to be popular.
As part of the exhibition team I liaised with museum staff to research and source objects that reflected the wide diversity of items available that depict and celebrate The Titanic, and for books that illustrated the range of subjects covered by the literature.


One thought on “SeaCity Museum: exhibition researcher, Titanic: the Legend

  1. Padmini Broomfield

    Sonia Rasbery’s contribution to the ‘Titanic: the Legend’ exhibition at SeaCity Museum in Southampton has resulted in some stunning displays. Faced with the daunting task of researching and sourcing the wide range of publications and merchandise associated with the Titanic story, Sonia rose to the challenge. Using her excellent research skills, she painstaking trawled the internet and other sources to identify and acquire the hundreds of books, merchandise objects and anniversary-related material from across the world for the exhibition. Sonia’s enthusiasm and organised approach to the job made it a pleasure to work with her.

    Padmini Broomfield, Lead Outreach Projects Officer, SeaCity Museum


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